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My daughter was significantly behind in her studies and seriously lacking motivation for studying for her GCSEs. Her tutor was able to identify her learning needs and work in a supportive manner to help her reach her potential.

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Information for Tutors

The Work

The agency maintains a computer database of tutors offering private tuition on an individual "one-to-one" basis, usually in the pupil's own home. Sometimes two or three pupils may be taught as a small group.  If the tutor so wishes, it may be possible to arrange with the client for the lessons to be held in the tutor's home.  This method has the advantage that the tutor's (sometimes considerable) resources are ready to hand, and it could be more amenable to concentration if there are other children in the pupil's family.

Tutors are invited to offer their preferred subjects, at the levels they choose.   The agency deals with most academic school subjects across the age and ability range from Primary to A-levels.  

We try to arrange for regular weekly tutorials, but this is not always possible if the pupil needs two or more subjects per week, involving more than one tutor.  In such cases, we often arrange to alternate two subjects on a fortnightly basis.  From the tutors viewpoint, this is usually acceptable because we can often "interlace" the work for two different pupils, so maintaining a full timetable for the tutor.


Suitably qualified tutors are always very welcome to register with Select Tutors.   Ideally, you should have been trained as a teacher, and have a PGCE, Cert.Ed., or Teachers Certificate.  However, these qualifications are not essential, provided you have a good, relevant degree.  We do have some excellent graduate tutors who do not have a PGCE, but they clearly have the right approach on a one-to-one tutoring basis, which is, of course, very different from teaching a full class in school.

We are prepared to consider you for the Register provided you are a University graduate, and are fully conversant with the appropriate syllabus.

We do not use undergraduate students.

Registration - It costs you nothing to register with us as a tutor.

If you wish to register with us, it is necessary to complete the Tutor Registration Form, which is obtainable upon request by telephone from the office, or by completing the online form.

In either case, it is essential to send photocopies of your degree(s) and/or teaching qualifications.  Without this evidence of qualification, your application will not be considered.

We also require the names, addresses, telephone numbers, and positions of two referees.   If you are making a postal application, this information may be written on the back of the registration form.

Please enclose two stamped envelopes, preferably DL size, addressed to your referees, and two first class postage stamps for their replies to the agency.

The details you provide can then be entered on Select Tutors computer database, ready for us to contact you when suitable work comes in.


When a prospective client asks for a tutor, we try to find the most appropriate one, by consideration of subjects offered, locality, and availability.  Ease of telephone or e-mail contact is also very important, because fast action is necessary in view of significant competition from other agencies.  Clients often approach several agencies in their search for a suitable tutor.  Therefore, even though the introduction from Select Tutors is almost always exclusive within the agency, there is nevertheless nearly always very real "external" competition.

Following contact, if the tutor is interested in the introduction, then the details provided by the prospective client are given to the tutor, who then telephones the client as soon as possible and tries to obtain their confirmation of starting tutorials, and agrees with them an appropriate fee, in line with the scale of fees and commission set by Select Tutors.  In agreeing this fee, the tutor must remember that it has to INCLUDE the relevant commission for the agency.

The tutor receives his/her fee directly from the client at the end of each one hour tutorial.   The tutor is asked to collect the agency commission at the same time, as a matter of administrative convenience, and to send the sum collected during each calendar month to the agency within the first five days of the following month.  Commission Forms will be sent to tutors when tutorials have been arranged.

It is essential for the tutor to report back to the agency about the result of an introduction.   Sometimes it may fail, for instance, because suitable times cannot be agreed with the client.   However, it is probable that the agency could introduce another tutor who might well be successful.

It is important to understand that there is no obligation on the tutor to accept any particular introduction by the agency.  Each introduction may considered on its own merits, and failure to accept will not preclude future introductions.  Neither is a tutor asked to agree to accepting a minimum number of pupils per week, as is the case with some agencies.   Many of our tutors are content with just one pupil, whereas some may have up to ten or more per week.   The proprietor, at one time before starting the agency, had more than 20 pupils per week.

Upon commencement of tutorials, the tutor and client should exchange telephone numbers in case it is necessary for either party to postpone a lesson.  This could save wasted journeys.

Travelling Expenses

The recommended range of fees is intended partly to allow for different travelling distances within the "normal" radius. ie  about 1 or 2 miles.  If the distance significantly exceeds this, then the tutor might reasonably ask for some extra contribution to expenses. The agency does not need to be informed about this matter.

Motor Insurance

Tutors who use cars (or motor-cycles) are advised to consult their insurance brokers about the use of the vehicle to travel to and from clients homes.  It is probably regarded by the insurance company as business use, and this can cost a little extra.

Income Tax

Tutors are self-employed as far as this work is concerned, and are themselves directly responsible to the INLAND REVENUE for all matters regarding Income Tax, and relevant National Insurance contributions.  It is therefore necessary for tutors to keep records of their earnings and expenses for completion of annual Tax Returns.


Tutors are expected to provide their own resources, and should have copies of the relevant syllabus and past examination papers.

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