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Tutors who use cars (or motor-cycles) are advised to consult their insurance brokers about the use of the vehicle to travel to and from clients homes.  It is probably regarded by the insurance company as business use, and this can cost a little extra.


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If e-mail addresses for your referees are not available, please send stamped envelopes addressed to your referees to the agency.

Terms & Conditions

Tutors are asked to send photocopies of their qualifications by post to the agency.
A degree (or equivalent) or Cert Ed/Teachers Certificate is required.
Applications cannot be considered without such evidence.
Please post to : Select Tutors, 8 Cranmere Drive, SALE, Cheshire, M33 4LB

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I accept Select Tutors Terms of Business, which I have seen.  I agree to collect from the client the commission due to Select Tutors as stated in the Terms of Business, and to forward the sum collected each calendar month to Select Tutors by the 5th day of the following month.

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