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Tuition Fees

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The fees in the table are for a 1 hour tutorial on a one-to-one individual basis, and include the agency commission.

School Year
Recommended Range Total Fee
Years 1 - 6 (Primary, KS1,2)
19.00 to 22.00
Years 7 - 9 (Lower Sec, KS3)
22.00 to 23.00
Years 10 - 11 (GCSE, KS4)
23.00 to 25.00
Years 12 - 13 (AS, A2 levels)
26.00 to 28.00

Additional travel expenses may be negotiated between tutors and clients.

Please note that the range of fees shown is the range recommended by the agency, and includes a little travelling, at the discretion of the tutor.  The tutors are self-employed, and so may charge slightly differently.  In order to determine the actual fee, this must be done directly with the particular tutor in the initial telephone discussion before the decision is made to proceed.

The fee agreed with the tutor is the total fee for a tutorial of one hour, including the agency commission, and is payable to the tutor at the end of each tutorial.  The tutor forwards the commission to the agency at the end of each calendar month.

Small groups

At the request of the client, the tutor may agree to teach two or more pupils in a group.  A small additional charge of a few pounds may be negotiated for each extra pupil, so that the average cost per pupil is reduced.

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