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Since having a tutor my daughter has learnt how to explore the English language in a fun and exciting manner.

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Terms of Business

The business of Select Tutors, hereinafter referred to as "the Agency", is to find clients who require private tuition, and then to introduce them to tutors with suitable qualifications/experience. The detailed arrangements are then made directly between clients and tutors. Tutorials are each normally of one hour duration.

The Agency requires a commission to be paid by the client for this service, for each pupil in the family specifically introduced by the Agency to the tutor. This commission is payable in equal instalments at the conclusion of each tutorial. For administrative convenience, the tutor is asked to collect these payments from the client, and to forward each calendar months total commission to Select Tutors by the 5th day of the following month.

If pupils in the same family, other than those specifically introduced by the Agency to a particular tutor, are subsequently tutored by that tutor without further introduction, then no commission is due for these particular tutorials. The tutor's fee in such cases has to be negotiated independently directly between client and tutor.

The tutor's fee is payable directly by the client to the tutor at the conclusion of each tutorial.

It should be understood and accepted that tutors are self-employed as far as this work is concerned, and are themselves entirely responsible for their own tax and National Insurance contributions, and arrangements with the Inland Revenue generally.

Tutors should ensure that their Motor Insurance provides adequate cover for travelling to and from clients' homes. Insurance companies can regard this as business use.

Should a dispute arise between client and tutor, the Agency will endeavour to achieve a satisfactory solution to the problem, but cannot be held responsible for such matters. No rebates will be payable.

Arrangements between clients and tutors may be cancelled by either party by giving seven days notice of termination. If either party wishes to postpone a tutorial, then it would be appreciated if at least 24 hours notice could be given.

It is understood and agreed by tutors/clients that acceptance by tutors/clients of introductions made by the Agency will be taken to mean that the relevant tutors/clients accept the Agency's Terms of Business.

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