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All of our tutors are either teachers or ex-teachers (eg retired), or university graduates, or the equivalent.  A significant proportion of our tutors have higher degrees such as PhD’s, MSc’s or MA’s. Use the link to People we’ve helped to have a look at some testimonials we have received about our tutors. If for any reason we find tutors to be unreliable we strike them from our register and never use them again.

Potential clients can take the opportunity of speaking with one of our tutors over the phone to discuss how the tutor would help to meet the needs and goals of the pupil. This provides a really useful opportunity for the client to assess in specific detail the credentials of the tutor so that they may feel fully confident before making the decision to proceed. We never send a tutor to a client for tuition before giving the client a chance to get to know the tutor over the phone. Sometimes, at the client’s request, a tutor will visit the pupil for a short no-fee initial discussion before tuition is arranged. If for any reason a tutor does not meet the client’s needs we endeavour to arrange for another more suitable tutor to contact the client.

We are constantly recruiting new tutors in order to meet the growing demand for personal home tuition.  If you want to be a tutor and have the skills and qualifications we need, fill in the online form to begin the registration process today, or give us a call anytime on our freephone number 07502 585315.

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