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My daughter was significantly behind in her studies and seriously lacking motivation for studying for her GCSEs. Her tutor was able to identify her learning needs and work in a supportive manner to help her reach her potential.

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Primary Key Stage 1 – Key Stage 2 – 11plus – SATs Tutoring

Select Tutors provide tuition throughout foundation, Key Stage 1 & 2 and entrance examinations for secondary schools. Our tutors guide you through the curriculum and prepare you for SAT examinations.

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The National Curriculum Foundation Stage

Ages 3 - 5 years

The Foundation Stage was introduced as a result of the Education Act 2002, and is generally referred to as Nursery or Reception class.  A staff/pupil ratio of 1 to 15 is required for Nursery, whereas it can be 1 to 30 for Reception.

A number of areas of work are specified, including social skills, language, literacy, and knowledge and understanding of the world.  Each area has associated attainment goals.

Greater details may be obtained from the website of the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority  (QCA ) 

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The National Curriculum Key Stage 1

 Years 1 and 2

Eleven main areas of work are specified:

  • English                                        
  • Mathematics                               
  • Science                                        
  • Design and technology               
  • Information technology  
  • Physical education
  • Religious education
  • History
  • Geography
  • Art
  • Music

The KS1 SATs are held in April/May of Yr 2. They are classroom based, and taken in small groups with class teacher. 

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The National Curriculum Key Stage 2

Years 3 - 6

The areas of work specified above are revisited in greater depth.

The KS2 SATs are held in May of Yr 6, and external markers ( eg. retired or part-time teachers ) are employed.  Some results are usually out by first week of July, but the English results could be two weeks later.

Greater details may be obtained from the website of the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority  ( QCA ) 

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Entrance Examinations for Secondary Schools

These exams are often known as 11+ exams, and can vary in scope from one region to another.  There are a few Local Education Authorities ( LEA ) which set exams based entirely on Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning, whereas other entrance exams may also include Maths and/or English.  It is strongly advised that the particular schools involved should be asked for details of their entrance examination structure, and for copies of past papers if available.

The dates of the exams can vary considerably from one school to another.  Although held during Year 6, some may be as early as October, whereas others may not be until the following March.  Arrangements to take the exams should not be delayed.

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National Curriculum Statutory Attainment Target ( SAT ) Tests

The National Curriculum in the UK specifies that pupils will be tested at the ages of 7, 11, and 16.  This corresponds to Key Stages 1,2 and 4 (KS) of the National Curriculum. The performance in Key Stage 3 is determined by school assessment; the Key Stage 4 tests comprise the GCSE examinations.

Key Stage
1, 2  1 KS1 SATs, April/May of Yr.2  Classroom based, small groups with class teacher
3, 4, 5, 6  KS2 SATs, May of Yr.6 External markers;eg. retired or part-time teachers. Some results are usually out by first week of July; 2 weeks later for English
7, 8, 9 KS3 SATs now discontinued Internal school assessments
10, 11 4 GCSE, May/June Yr.11, Or Modular GCSE, Jan, May/Jun GCSE Results last week of Aug.
12, 13 5 GCE AS and A2 Modular exams during year. Final results by third week of August

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