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General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) Tuition

Select Tutors provide expert GCSE tuition. Your tutor will visit you in your home throughout your course, tutoring and providing support and guidance on your GCSE courses. GSCE Tuition subjects include Mathematics, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English Language, English Literature, History, Geography, French, German and Spanish.

GCSE Course Structure

The GCSE examinations are normally taken in May or June towards the end of school Year 11, when the pupils are 16.  The school courses take two academic years, and so commence in September at the beginning of Year 10. However, there is no age restriction, and other students can make arrangements to take these examinations.  The GCSE courses correspond to Key Stage 4 of the National Curriculum.

The various examining boards offer a great number of subjects and a choice of specifications.

It is always advisable to obtain the full details of the proposed specifications, and past exam papers, direct from the intended examining board.

GCSE subjects offered by Select Tutors

  • GCSE Mathematics
  • GCSE Science
  • GCSE Physics
  • GCSE Chemistry
  • GCSE Biology
  • GCSE English Language
  • GCSE English Literature
  • GCSE History 
  • GCSE Geography
  • GCSE French
  • GCSE German
  • GCSE Spanish

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